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Audio-visual systems play an important role in almost every facet of our lives, but, how much do you actually know about them? Did you know they can enhance your business? If you’re scratching your head at any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place.

At Masera-Tech, we know how important it is that you have all the information before you invest in any AV services.

An audio-visual system works in sync to produce or emit sound through speakers while displaying content on screens like video walls.

AV systems are truly all around us, helping to entertain, inform and enlighten us every day! The most common types of AV systems include motion pictures, live radio, and television programs, recordings, and presentations.

AV systems are entirely dependent on your needs, but there are many places that can truly benefit from using audio-visual systems. Let’s go through a part of them:

Our audiovisual solutions include:

Masera-Tech has a speaker line that covers all kinds of speakers for different applications, namely Ceiling Speakers, Wall Mount Speakers, Column Speaker, Digital Column Speaker, Horn Speaker, Sound Projector, Garden Speaker, Array Speaker, Invisible Speaker, Military Speaker, Active Speaker. The Low Impedance Ceiling Speakers concern more on music sound effects while the High Impedance Ceiling Speakers (70V/100V) concern more on sound clarity and are more suitable for long-distance transfer. They can be applied in all kinds of venues where background music or paging is needed, like airports, railway stations, parks, shopping malls, schools, churches, mosques, restaurants, etc.

Intelligent Central Audio Solutions for Home

The entire system of intelligent central audio system takes the host as the platform and divides the home into multiple zones according to functions or spaces. Users can connect various types of favorite sound sources to the system platform, and transmit the sound sources to each zone through the intelligent media matrix, and each zone is equipped with a music controller to individually select audio source programs, adjust various sound effects and other functions, so that customers can enjoy the quality of life brought by the music in any space at home.

Now the smart home background music system gives more consideration to personalized and diversified music to meet different scenarios, and it should have multiple audio sources, multiple zones, and zone music control functions.
There is a villa. Because the owner likes to listen to music, he hopes to listen to music anytime and anywhere at home. He asks to install an independent music control system in each bedroom, dining room, living room, study room, courtyard, garden, and other places and expects to manage and control all areas through an APP on the mobile phone.

Paperless Conference System Solution

Computers and multimedia technology provide new means and methods to conferences; Moreover, paperless conferences are rapidly gaining popularity for their diversity of functions, resource pooling, and management standardization. With paperless conference rooms, governments, enterprises, and institutions have shortened the meeting preparation cycle, enhancing their work efficiency and management level.

Our Paperless Conference System is tailored for party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, and large groups as well. It provides powerful meeting functions, including meeting information upload, document distribution, reading, and viewing, document annotation, sign-in, voting, electronic whiteboard, document interactive transmission, video interactive transmission, meeting exchanges, information notification, meeting services, information records, etc.; Characterized by multiple functions, intuitive interfaces, simple and steady operation, it can help greatly reduce work pressure of meeting organizers as they can easily control the meeting, improving the meeting efficiency. Meanwhile, it lowers the costs of printing and projection equipment, which is fully in line with the national concept of “low-carbon and environmental protection”

Intelligent Conference System generally consists of a conference speech system, central control system, video matrix system, data distribution display equipment, sound reinforcement system, and application software. It provides flexible management for all types of meetings, has the advantage of multi-functional, high sound quality, data transmission confidentiality, etc, which can realize comprehensive control for the whole process of meetings.

Integrated Wireless Transmission System

for Gas Station & Cafe & Small Supermarket & Restaurant

Cafe is a fashionable and leisurely place for people to spend time alone, chat with friends about the current situation, and talk about work and contracts. Whether a cafe has good taste depends on its background music, so it is necessary to play background music in the cafe. One of the most basic functions is to cancel out some noise and create an atmosphere that can allow people to get “immersed” in, and at the same time wake up their spiritual pursuit. Our set pack is an integrated wireless transmission system with multiple functions such as Bluetooth, FM, USB, MIC, etc. It can be used for background music playback, notification broadcast, etc., with convenient operation, and simple installation. When playing relaxing and soft background music, can make customers slow down and calm down their mood after entering the door; it should change to a different style of music to set off the lively atmosphere when there is a promotional activity.

A medium-sized restaurant occupies about 500m² and is divided into four areas: dining area, kitchen area, warehouse, and auxiliary room. The dining area covers an area of about 320m², the kitchen area about 100m², the warehouse about 60m², and the auxiliary room about 20m². In order to make customers more satisfied with the dining environment, an audio broadcast system is adopted to play the background music during dining. Besides, it can broadcast the emergency alarm in a fire with a priority function. In addition, it can realize zone management with a zone paging function, and the control panel of each zone can be used for playing background music and paging.


POE IP Network System Solution Of Hotel

POE network power supply system uses the existing Ethernet cat.5 wiring to transmit data signals for some IP – based terminals (such as IP network broadcast system terminals, speakers, speakers, etc.) and also provides DC power supply technology for such devices. The wiring cost and power loss can be greatly reduced.

It contains a POE network IP digital ceiling speaker, wall-mounted POE network IP digital speaker, POE network IP digital waterproof column, etc.

POE network digital IP speaker, as a simple one-way IP terminal, is mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, leisure clubs, villas, scenic spots, stations, docks, airports, parks, and other places.

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