Barcode Label Printers

The printers in our barcode label printer collection are designed to generate large quantities of labels, receipts, barcodes, and other printed items that can be attached to other objects. Barcode printers typically utilize one of two different printing techniques to apply ink to labels: direct thermal or thermal transfer. Both barcode printer techniques apply heat to the label surfaces. Direct thermal printers apply heat directly to specially coated labels, which causes the paper to turn black. While a thermal transfer barcode printer applies heat to a ribbon, which melts a waxy resin substance on a ribbon. This substance is then transferred from the ribbon to the label.

Barcode printers are available in a variety of form factors including desktop, mid-range, industrial, and mobile. Each form factor offers advantages and features designed for specific environments, applications, and industries. Available in various configurations, our barcode printer collection is commonly used worldwide in retail, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, distribution, and healthcare environments.

RFID Printers

At Masera-Tech, we offer the best selection of premium RFID printers for accurately printing and encoding information. Industrial printers are built with high-quality components to print and encode data without complication and reduce costs. Each RFID printer we carry is designed for long-lasting use. With low maintenance and equipment replacement costs, you’ll be equipped to print RFID data for years to come.

Industrial Barcode Printer

• High-speed and mass printing for big labels

• Accurate and stable printing for small labels

• Color display screen for visualized operation

• Upgraded touch screen (only available for Bingo)

• Abundant optional accessories

• Up to 600 meters ribbon length

4 Inch Desktop Barcode Printer

1. Fashion appearance

2. With high speed, excellent stability, and durability

3. Paper detection by transmission type, accurately and rapidly

4. Powerful function, support parallel, serial, USB multiple interfaces

5. Imported thermal printer head, printing clearly and stable

6. With function for automatic correction paper and carbon

7. Simple and easy to replace paper and carbon belt

3 Inch Desktop Barcode Printer

•  Fashionable design
•  Easy loading
•  Printer head quick replacement
•  Adjustable label width

Printer Label Design Software

As leaders in labeling, we create innovative solutions that address the full range of barcode labeling and artwork management requirements for companies of all sizes and across a broad range of industries.

Printer Media & Supplies (Label & Ribbon)

Printer Label

Labels can be affixed to a variety of surfaces and are widely available in various sizes and designs it is a small piece of fabric, paper, or plastic that is attached to a product. It has information about that product. For example, clothes companies attached labels to garments. The labels have information about the garments’ materials, size, and the company that made them. Labels suitable for many different environments and applications such as logistics, supply chain, race timing, access control, laundry management, tool tracking, and IT asset tracking.

Printer Ribbon

Printer ribbon comes standard in various widths, lengths, and ink formulations to suit a wide variety of environmental needs. Designed for use with thermal transfer labels, printer ribbon works in conjunction with thermal transfer printers to produce crisp, clear, and long-lasting barcodes and labels.

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