Barcode Readers

focusing on barcode reading equipment and intelligent terminal specializing in providing all kinds of high-quality barcode scanners, intelligent terminals and professional industry solutions, assisting in government official business, health care, logistics, express, retail chain, O2O scan payment, and other industries to manage. simplify the process and improve work efficiency.

Barcode scanners are electronic devices specifically designed to capture and decode information contained in a barcode. These devices send that information along to a computer database, either through wired or wireless connections depending on the model of the scanner. Once transmitted, businesses can use this information to reduce errors and improve operational performance throughout their entire organization.

Barcode scanners are categorized based on their functionality and form factor including handheld barcode scanner guns, 2D barcode scanners, corded, cordless, presentation, barcode scanners with keypad, mobile computers, in-counter, wearable, sled, and fixed mount. Each form factor offers advantages and features designed for specific environments, applications, and industries. Available in various configurations, industrial barcode scanners are ideally suited for a wide variety of industries and applications around the world such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, grocery, and postal delivery services.

Wired & Wireless 1D/2D Barcode Reader

  • Cost-effective & New generation CMOS imaging chip.
  • Comprehensive fast scanning ability.
  • Plug and play, quick and easy.
  • Fashionable appearance and comfortable grip.
  • Top notch decoding library
  • Intelligent auxiliary aiming & lighting system
  • Declassify highly distorted barcodes
  • 1.5m drop resistance, IP42 protective level
  •  An extended DOF, apply to different reading distances.
  •  Highly accurate, fast reading on barcodes, even on damaged and poor contrast barcodes.
  •  Support kinds of keyboard languages.
  •  Fully compatible with multiple systems.
  • Multiple good-read feedback: beeping, LED indicator, and extra vibration
  • Large capacity battery
  • Mega pixel sensor

On-counter scanners

on-counter scanners are simple to use and bring best-in-class benefits to your operations. While outwardly identical, these products offer different levels of performance to suit all of your needs. It provides powerful performance at an attractive price.  If you need more processing power and faster throughput however, the on-counter scanners have the best scanning performance of any single plane scanner on the market.  These scanners work well in a variety of applications, including retail point of sale, pharmacy, drug verification and a hands-free component verification. The extra-large reading area and sweep scanning provide fast and easy reading from a variety of barcodes and other sources.

Industrial Barcode Reade

♦ Excellent reading ability

it’s a scanner that can read barcodes far and near. It has a powerful auto focus system that can quickly read barcodes from 15 cm to 20 meters. S has a powerful aiming beam and lighting, so the operator can easily read 1D/2D codes in all directions.

♦ Excellent reading experience
Vibration motor, loud beeps provide good reading feedback.

♦ Strong and durable
it has been tested to withstand the harshest environment. Its industrial grade reaches IP67. It can withstand 5000 rolls within 1m and 50 drops from 2m to the concrete floor.

♦ Base charging compartment design
The product base has a spare battery charging compartment design, which can simultaneously charge the scanner and the spare battery at the same time.

♦ Multiple scan focus options
there are three scan focus options (SR–standard distance version, WA–wide-angle version and DL– high-density version) to improve productivity

♦ Universal Bluetooth standard
Using Bluetooth 4.2, Class 2, low-power Bluetooth can meet various commercial applications and comply with local laws and regulations.

Android Price Checker with HD Touch Screen

  1. 10.1-inch HD LCD screen.
  2. Built-in megapixel 2D barcode scanner.
  3. NFC/UHF/RFID read card optional.
  4. 1GB+8GB (2+8/2+16) memory optional.


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