Building Management Systems

Building Management System (BMS)

What is a BMS?

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer system installed in a building that will communicate with the building’s equipment. Allowing its owner to monitor and control its installations and systems, such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, alarms, access control, or energy supply management systems (electricity, gas, solar panels, smart meters, etc.)

How does it work?
Daily, building management systems (BMS) allow to :

Control the different systems of the building (via the measurement of the HVAC, the air quality, the humidity level, the noise pollution, etc.)
Manage the energy consumption of a building Monitor in real-time and schedule operations Set up management of breakdowns and alarms Produce data reports.

Building Management Solutions Tailored For You
Using our comprehensive range of controllers, field devices, and software, we’ll help you customize a system to fit your building and your future.


Our controllers are designed to meet the demand of today’s systems and whatever is coming tomorrow. By offering a wide range of models and point counts, Controller is ready to support comprehensive building control requirements.

Pick the capabilities you need for efficient engineering, integration, energy savings, and control. From scalable unitary controllers that optimize energy use across applications to compact models that fit virtually anywhere, the growing family of Spyder controllers proves that nothing succeeds like control.

1-Convenient, compatible, and cybersecurity
2-The fastest IP HVAC controllers available
3-The flexibility to handle almost any application
4-Off-the-shelf reconfigurability. Big capability.


The future is open for business
Our Web Software uses the freedom of a truly open platform to give your building tomorrow’s capabilities, today.

truly open framework, Our Software helps businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things. The latest release includes a host of new features to support you as you distribute more control and management tasks to intelligent edge devices.

Enhance the analytics and features available to you with additional functionality:
1- Simplify analytics by taking control of data
2-Simplify your system by integrating security
3- Ensure occupant comfort & minimize risks more easily
4-Track Actuator Health with Insights, Alarms & Reports

Field devices

The capabilities you need from the name you trust: Our comprehensive range of field devices gives you the flexibility to deliver optimal performance in virtually any installation.

Find the right device for every job
Valves and actuators. Sensors and wall modules. Thermostats, remote temperature controllers, VFDs, and electrical meters. There’s a reason the pros turn to Honeywell: We’re your one-stop shop for proven performance on every job.

1- Direct coupled, foot mounted, and fire/smoke
2- Easier ventilation, easier energy savings
3-See precisely where your energy is going
4-A broad line means a wide array of options

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