Fire & Intrusion Alarm

A precautionary measure to be safe is with a fire alarm system, the best fire alarm company in the World Hochiki. A life and property saving method to give complete care and protection with the best fire alarm system. The most advanced system that provides faster warning and takes predominant measures to avoid loss of life and property. We provide a whole set of equipment that is of top quality in giving the warning to take precautionary measures.

The initial system is a Fire alarm control panel that controls the entire fire alarm system. The fire alarm system has the most prominent and effective fire alarm control panel that works to monitor, analyze, detect, report, etc automatically with its capabilities. Total control of the fire safety alarms to manage and administer the entire alert to take accurate steps for safety. The smoke detector is a system that triggers an alert when smoke arises and signals to the control panel, all these are available at the best fire alarm system company. The temperature of a heat-sensitive device increases when the fire’s thermal energy increases resulting in alerting the heat detector. The leading fire alarm system, provides accurate manual call points to alert when fire arouses. The manual call point sends an alert manually as an emergency occurs. The most popular warning method is through a sounder and bell that spread the information to a wider range with the top fire alarm system service in Dubai.

We provide services with the most convenient as well as addressable fire alarm system ensuring an exceptional standard of operations.

* Fire Alarm Control Panel
* Heat Detector
* Smoke Detector
* Manual Call Point (Break Glass)
* Sounder & Bell

Agent Fire Suppression Systems

It is imperative to design alternative suppression systems in environments where water quenching may have negative consequences for health or water quenching may damage internal equipment. Among these alternative suppression systems, one of the most preferred types of suppression systems today is clean gas suppression systems.

Nowadays, clean gas suppression systems which meet the requirements of the suppression system of the places where there are electric-based conductors are preferential because they are environmentally friendly and do not harm human health.

A clean gas suppression system that extinguishes the fire with its suppression agent does not have any negative effect on the health of the person in the room.

Gas suppression is ideally suited in server rooms where other forms of firefighting may cause water damage or loss of data, or in electrical rooms where water would pose a risk to life. This means that your employees and assets are safe in all circumstances.

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