ID card printers

Single & Dual Printers

Masera provides superior ID card printers and that do not only offer excellent color reproduction and high-security laminates but also support the industry’s latest smart card reading and encoding. All of IDP’s printers offer options for encoding and reading of contact, contactless, and magnetic stripe technology cards.

Well suited to many industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and government, our smart printers are used for employee badges, student IDs, payment cards, access control cards, leisure membership cards, customer loyalty cards, and more.

Our ID card printers are designed to support a flexible user environment, which makes it easy to choose the correct printer and save money. You can easily add a flipper or laminator, for dual-sided printing or laminating, and various encoders such as magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless. ​The enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology of the SMART series enables you to print high-quality images. The SMART Series will be a perfect choice for Employee IDs, Membership Cards, Access Control Badges, Secure Government Credentials, Social Services Cards, and even the instant issuance of Banking cards.

We offer excellent printing with the Enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology Direct lamination mechanism for 8-second heat-up. Patented Field upgradeable options for dual-sided printing and laminating Field upgradeable encoders for magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart card Automatic ribbon recognition and no need for sensors & motors calibration Eco-friendly rewriteable printing Patented High-durability: Metal frame & shaft, all

User-friendly design for desktop environment LCD & LED for status display of printer Easy Thermal Print Head (TPH) replacement Front input and output hoppers Drop-in ribbon cartridge Full modular design (SMART-70) Drawer type ribbon cartridge

SMART SDK, to develop customized applications SMART Utilities, to check working states and adjust configurations Smart ID for designing and issuing cards On-Line technical support, Smart ID ensures accurate card issuance and data management

This application offers simple design tools to allow the user to create and truly customize cards within minutes Smart ID offers advanced user tools such as database connections, camera, and signature scanner plug-ins support as well as smart card reading and encoding.


Ideal for small organizations!

SMART-21 is a simple hand-fed desktop ID card printer with a compact lightweight design. 

It is a great choice for instant card issuance of entry-level low-volume demands.

A more work-friendly easy-to-use ID card printing solution with crystal clear printing quality.

– Design and print (Image, Photo, and Text)

– 1D & 2D Barcode printing

– Auto portrait (Auto face detection, adjustment of size & position)

– Printing of sequential numbers

SMART-31 Series

SMART-31 Series value class ID card printer for everyone which is a perfect solution for printing ID cards on a low budget. 

The Ethernet module can not only print over your network but can also be configured to encode magnetic stripe, contact IC chips, and contactless smart cards too.
SMART-31 Rewritable printer is an ideal solution for printing temporary information on ID cards.
printer models are available.
SMART-31S (single-sided), SMART-31D (dual-sided) and  SMART-31R (rewritable)

SMART-51 Series

Endeavor for Perfection High-Performance Ruggedized Durability

Enhance FINE Imaging Technology

Large Input Hopper

Removable Output Hopper

Cartridge Type Laminating Film Loading

Top-Side Magstripe Encoding

All-in-One Type Lock System

Supports CR79 Cards

Available models: – SMART-51S (Single-sided) – SMART-51D (Dual-sided) – SMART-51L (Laminating)

Smart-70 Laminating ID Card Printer

High-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet different user requirements.

500 cards can be continuously printed, laminated, and encoded on various cards.

Specifications Overview

Installable MS & Contactless Encoder
LCD & Button LED Indicator
High Durability – Metal Frame, Metal Shaft & All Bearing
Physical Lock & Kensington Lock

WISE CX-D80 Dual-Sided Retransfer Printer

WISE CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer will provide high-quality cards and is an innovative card printer available for all types of card-issuing applications.

The CX-D80 has a thermal retransfer-printing engine, of which quality and reliability are acclaimed by users worldwide.

Ideal for both simpler applications such as membership cards, gift cards, and on-demand ID cards and for corporate and governmental ID cards, the CX-D80 provides a compact and user-friendly body.

Specifications Overview

  • Perfect edge-to-edge printing with the glossy photo finish quality
  • Damage-free printhead by retransfer method
  • Highest capacity YMCK ribbon (1,000 images), less frequency of reloading
  • Electronic (hopper & front door), and Kensinghton locks installed
  • User-friendly accessories to keep the printer clean


SMART offers a complete range of ribbons and consumables especially designed for SMART printers. SMART genuine consumables brings you printing quality, reliability and performance. SMART also supplies various accessories to maintain and the the most of your SMART ID Card.


Card Printer Ribbons

A wide selections of ribbons is available to suit your printing needs.

Select from colour, monochrome or security ribbons.

Use original ribbons for stringent quality standards, consistent print results, rich colour, highly detailed images.


PVC Cards

We provides a wide range of high quality PVC plastic cards – from Blank PVC Cards to Magnetic Stripe Cards to RFID Cards.

Ensure high printing quality only use our recommended PVC Cards.

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