Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Public Address and Voice Alarm systems allow safe and controlled building evacuation to be managed in the case of an emergency. Clear voice messages can be initiated from the system to aid in building evacuation. The systems can also be used to provide background music and paging system solutions. Simply they deliver pre-recorded emergency messages through a public address system instead of sounding a fire alarm bell.

Statistics show that only 13% of people respond to the sounding of a fire alarm bell as they assume it is a false alarm. A spoken message has been proven to be far more noticeable as it identifies the nature of the problem and provides clear instructions for everybody to follow.

They can be programmed to release a pre-recorded or live message that can be broadcast through PA sound speakers in the event of an emergency such as a fire risk, bomb alert or terrorist threat which requires people to follow a specific protocol.

How Does a Public Address System Work?

An IP network is installed and input controllers are used to broadcasting the required sound or message through the PA speakers. A microphone can also be used by an announcer to record a message or play an audio source. This is particularly useful for the fire service as it can also be used as an intercom system to issue specific instructions via the system which may help save lives and equipment.

The system can also be used to play background music to help create the mood and ambiance required.

In order to help you ensure compliance and meet fire regulations, the system can also generate people logs and other management information.

The environments where using a PA system are most beneficial include:

Shopping centers
Transport hubs
Large warehouses & factories
Public attractions and visitor centers
Theatres and cinemas
Multi-tenanted office buildings


Voice Alarm System (also called Public Adress Voice Alarm PAVA or Voice Evacuation System) is one of the elements of security in modern public buildings. Thanks to Voice Alarm System it is possible to quickly broadcast information during a fire, bomb alert, or other emergency and to effectively control the evacuation process of people in dangerous areas of the building. The core operation of the PAVA is public address announcements, broadcast advertisements, or background music.

The reliability and performance of the Voice Alarm System depend on the success of the evacuation operation, and therefore the most important issue is the quality of its elements e.g. cable installation, which must be made of high-temperature resistant materials, to ensure continued operation of the system even in the event of a fire. The detailed technical and design requirements for PAVA have been determined by EN54 regulations.

Key assumptions include:

division of the installation into fire zones
fire redundant loudspeaker lines
redundant operation of system amplifiers
use of automatic self-test systems
backup amplifier circuit
Voice Alarm Systems and all their components and their architecture must meet certain assumptions.

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