Smart Home Systems


Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These devices are connected to the Internet, which allows them to be controlled remotely. With home automation, devices can trigger one another so you don’t have to control them manually via an app or voice assistant. For example, you can put your lights on schedules so that they turn off when you normally go to sleep, or you can have your thermostat turn the A/C up about an hour before you return to work so you don’t have to return to a stuffy house. Home automation makes life more convenient and can even save you money on heating, cooling, and electricity bills. Home automation can also lead to greater safety with the Internet of Things devices like security cameras and systems. But hold up; what’s the Internet of Things?


From home theater to home automation, we empower your home with intuitive control when you want it and seamless automation when you don’t want to worry about it.

Your system adapts to your needs, personalized for you by our certified Smart Home Technologist. Explore what’s possible with our Smart Home.

What if you could always come home to a well-lighted house knowing that you and your loved ones were safe? What if you knew for certain your package was delivered and secured? With our solutions, you’ll always have this peace of mind of knowing that you, your loved ones, and your valuables are protected.

Imagine controlling all your indoor and outdoor lighting and shades with a single tap. Imagine setting the mood with lighting scenes to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Personalizing scenes for reading, cooking, watching a movie, or relaxing on the patio has never been easier.

What if you could ensure you were conserving energy with not just a smart thermostat, but with all of your home electronics? What if your smart home system was smart enough to turn off your devices when you weren’t using them? Our Solution save energy by intelligently communicating with your thermostat, lighting, and electronics to ensure you are saving power.

Music sets the tone and provides the soundtrack to the home. Imagine music playing in any room you choose or even in every room. Imagine your favorite streaming sources available anywhere in the home. Our Music makes it easy, fully integrated into your smart home system. While you enjoy relaxing background music in your home office, your family members are listening to their favorite tunes elsewhere in the house—the right music in the right room.


The Smart Office
Our solution elevates the work environment with control and media solutions ideal for the COVID-19-compliant office. From the boardroom to the huddle space, We integrate command and control with audio/video distribution, all accessible from a single interface that makes any room meeting-ready at the touch of a button.

From municipal court systems to regional data centers, government installations require seamless integration and exceptional reliability. Our systems are designed to meet the unique and demanding requirements found in government applications while offering one-touch simplicity to satisfy a diversified user base.



Controlling the lighting, HVAC, and audio/video system in a modern restaurant environment can be challenging. The large staff means multiple users controlling many different subsystems at any given time. RTI automates control, so that a single button can set the “evening ambiance” of the restaurant—dimming the lights, adjusting the room temperature, and activating the “dinner” music soundtrack. And RTI makes it easy to control which staff member can access which part of the system, simplifying both training and operations.

In hotels, the guest experience is everything, from reception to the guest rooms. In the lobby, RTI easily integrates lighting, audio, video and climate to deliver maximum comfort to all visitors. And with its completely customizable interface, RTI control systems make it possible to offer guests an exceptional level of in-room convenience, enabling simple control of music, movies, lighting, and more with no training required.

Retail Stores
The experience is more important than ever to retail stores as they compete with the online world. Digital signage, video content, and the right balance of lighting and music are essential to developing the right guest experience. Fortunately, all of this is easy to control and automate within an RTI control system. From role-based system permissions to automated store opening and store closing lighting and HVAC control, all can be managed from an RTI remote, touch panel, or mobile device. And of course, RTI integrates seamlessly with the security system for maximum peace of mind.

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