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Video Surveillance System

Having the best video surveillance system protecting your property not only provides evidence in the event of a crime but also deters criminal activity in the first place and increases the safety of your employees and customers.

What Makes a Video Surveillance System?

A video surveillance system / CCTV is composed of a system of cameras, monitors/display units, and recorders. Cameras may be either analog or digital with a host of possible design features which will be discussed momentarily.

These systems can be applied to both interior and exterior areas of a building or property. They can operate 24/7, can be designed to only record in response to movement, or set to record during specific times of the day.

The cameras may be conspicuous and out in the open to deter crime, or they can be more hidden and discreet to record evidence with fewer chances of being tampered with. However, it is essential to note that laws regulate the placement of security cameras within the workplace. These laws vary from state to state, so be sure to contact your state’s labor agency to learn what your restrictions are.

Footage can be monitored live by a security guard, monitored remotely if using an IP camera and system (more on that in a moment) by a monitoring company, or can simply be recorded and stored by a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) for review later should the need arise.

Finally, video surveillance systems are closed – this means its signals are not broadcast so that others could intercept and view the content. Only authorized users can access the recorded material.

IP cameras

IP cameras are known for their advanced features and functionalities. Having the ability to deliver high-quality images in varied weather and lighting conditions, these cameras are a great bet for your business. It makes surveillance more refined and advanced. The varied type of IP cameras includes thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing-out camera, and much more. Here are some of the features that you can make note of it – Good quality resolution, High Definition real-time video, Power over Ethernet facility, Solid design, Night vision, Good frame rate, Weather proof casing, and so on.

Analog Cameras

With analog cameras, you can make a perfect analog surveillance system. Being a cost-effective solution, these are useful for any kind of outdoor and indoor surveillance. These high-quality analog cameras can produce the kind of desired outcomes. The type of Hikvision HD analog cameras include Turbo HD cameras and CCD camera HD-SDI cameras.

Network Video recorder

Network Video Recorder has been designed to use with IP cameras where it manages and stores the recordings effectively. Hikvision NVRs can be remotely accessed through local area networks and the internet. Its reliable nature and the capability to deliver quality performance brands NVR a good option for the IP surveillance system

Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder is for Analog Surveillance Systems. With a multitude of options and features, Our DVR offers advanced recording capabilities. Our DVR allows us to record digitally and the various digital technologies including video analytics and remote access over the networks make it a favorable choice for the Analog

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